Institutional Sponsorship

JECO's impact wouldn't be possible without the support of partner institutions. Hence, we actively seek to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with educational institutions:

What do Institutional Sponsors receive?

    • Sponsors' logos and web addresses will be listed in the OMEA Intercollegiate and Reading Clinic jazz band programs
    • Sponsors will be verbally acknowledged at OMEA- and any other JECO-sponsored events
    • Sponsors' logos and web addresses will be placed on the JECO website, and on its Facebook and Twitter pages
    • Sponsors' logos and web addresses will be used on all JECO printed materials, distributed for FREE to music educators
    • Students and faculty of the Sponsor institution are eligible to audition for the JECO Intercollegiate Jazz Ensemble

Levels of Institutional Support
Duke Ellington Level - $300, with unlimited JECO memberships for students and faculty
W.C. Handy Level - $100 for 4 JECO memberships

Partner with JECO

Ellington Membership

W.C. Handy Membership