JECO's annual membership dues do not allow the organization to fulfill its statewide, multilevel mission. Hence, we actively seek to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with educational institutions.

What do Institutional Sponsors receive?

    • Sponsors' logos and web addresses will be listed in the OMEA Intercollegiate and Reading Clinic jazz band programs
    • Sponsors will be verbally acknowledged at OMEA- and any other JECO-sponsored events
    • Sponsors' logos and web addresses will be placed on the JECO website, and on its Facebook and Twitter pages
    • Sponsors' logos and web addresses will be used on all JECO printed materials, distributed for FREE to music educators
    • Students and faculty of the Sponsor institution are eligible to audition for the JECO Intercollegiate Jazz Ensemble

Levels of Institutional Support
Duke Ellington Level - $300, with unlimited JECO memberships for students and faculty
W.C. Handy Level - $100 for 4 JECO memberships

Partner with JECO

Ellington Membership

W.C. Handy Membership