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The following files are for JECO member download. While we’ve attempted to categorize each offering, some are more difficult to “put in a box.” Therefore, feel free to have a look at everything!

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Transcribed Solos

Eric Alexander “I Can Dream, Can’t I” Click here


Middle School
For jazz band: Fix My Jiveway by Paul Baransy – Score (Finale .mus file) | Score (.pdf file)
For jazz band: Not This Time by Paul Baransy – Score (Finale .mus file) | Score (.pdf file)

High School through College
For big band: Weak Fore Funk by Jeff Boehm – Score
For Dixieland combo: Delta Queen Rag by Jeff Boehm – Score
For Dixieland combo: When the Saints Go Marching In by Jeff Boehm – Score & Parts (zip file)
For jazz combo: Sack Full of Soul by Roland Kirk, arr. Bill Burns – Score & Parts  for flute, alto sax, trumpet, trombone & rhythm (zip file)
Unpublished beginning big band charts, donated by legendary Columbus jazz educators Dave Wheeler and Jim Russell (grade 1-3, appropriate for Middle and High School Jazz Ensembles)
Ballad for David G. – Score & Parts (pdf)
Bye Bye Blues Score & Parts (pdf)
Cha-Cha #1 for small band – Score & Parts (pdf)
Cha-Cha for LukeScore & Parts (pdf)
Chanson D’AmourScore & Parts (pdf)
The FlintstonesScore & Parts (pdf)


By Bill Burns

  • 99 Cent Lesson Plans – 4th grade – iTunes Downloads that Promote the National Standards Through Listening (PDF)
  • Take the “A” Train lesson – (Video Demo – MP4
  • Charles Mingus Lesson – 4th grade – a basic overview of the composer which includes listening and performing with “Fables of Faubus” (PDF) (Video DemoMP4
  • Faubus PlayAlong – 4th grade – body percussion/hand percussion play-a-long for the Mingus song “Fables of Faubus” based on the story of the little rock nine and de-segregation in the 1950s. Used as part of the Charles Mingus mini-lesson (PDF)
  • Kind of Blue – 4th grade – worksheet to be used to promote the Miles Davis album and the great musicians he recorded with (PDF)
  • So What – 4th grade – a boomwhacker accompaniment to be used with the Miles Davis song “So What” (PDF)
  • BeBop Bingo – grades K-5 – a great follow-up to any jazz unit! Rules (PDF) | Photos w/Names (PDF) | Photos w/o Names (PDF)
  • Ella/Paganini – grades 1-3 – listening guide for “Mr. Paganini” by Ella Fitzgerald, with suggested motions (PDF)
  • Dizzy Gillespie Info Sheet – grades 4-6 (PDF)
  • Jazz on a Saturday Night – grades 1-3 – PowerPoint of artists used in the children’s book Jazz on a Saturday Night by Leo and Diane Dillon (PPT) | Recommended Playlist (PDF)
  • Jazzy Ohio Artists handout (not a complete list) – grades 4-6, to be used as an extension of the Jazzy Ohio lesson (PDF)
  • Roland Kirk lesson on the song “A Laugh for Rory” – grades 4-6 – Leadsheet (PDF) | Handout (PDF)
  • Nicky the Jazz Cat – grades K-2 – based on artists mentioned in Nicky the Jazz Cat by Carol Friedman (PPT) | Recommended Playlist (PDF)
  • Ohio Musicians – grades 3-6 – recommended listening for great musicians from Ohio (PDF)
  • Theo and the Blue Note – grades 2-4 – artists mentioned in Theo and the Blue Note by Peter Kuper (PPT) | Recommended playlist (PDF)

The Latin Side of Jazz by Bobby Sanabria – PDF

Your Jazz Rhythm Section: Get it Swinging! by Jeff Boehm – PDF

Basie, Bebop, Ballads and Blues: Recommended Classics and Newer Works for the Jazz Ensemble, Grades 2 – 4+ by Michael Parkinson – PDF

Ninth Grade Jazz Library Suggestions by Todd Hartman – PDF

Improvisation Totem Pole by Bill Burns
Bb Totem Pole Parts 1-3 – .zip
Bb Blues Licks – .zip
F Blues Licks, Level 4 – .zip
F Totem Pole Parts 1-3 – .zip
Chart: A Sackful of Soul – .zip

Improvisation Totem Pole II by Dan Nicora
Triad Exercise – .pdf
Dominant 7th Chord Exercise – .pdf
Minor 7th Exercise- .pdf
Decorating Chords with Neighboring Tones – .pdf
Modes of Major – .pdf
ii-V7-I – .pdf